Best light systems

1300 Fluence spydr lamps growing 2kg Of crops per lamp

Vertical farming

Vertical Sea of Green technology, 24 clones under each lamp

Automatic control system

Our control system is our own invention it is a heart of our system, fully controls every step of growing

We are a professional growers team starting an ambitious 3000 m2 indoor project in Switzerland.

We believe everyone deserves the dignity of health and well being and are on a mission to provide safe, effective and therapeutic medical cannabis nationwide by operating world class cultivation facilities and customer-first retail experiences

Grow In
The Future of Indoor growing


In order to accelerate and optimize production, it is proposed to use the Sea Of Green (SOG) cultivation technology as the main one.

The essence of technology:

  • clones are transferred to the flowering stage immediately after rooting, bypassing the stage of vegetation;
  • it is possible to get a uniform "carpet of plants" for the most effective assimilation of light;
  • harvest time is accelerated for at least 2 weeks.

Grow In
The Future of Indoor growing


  • Fluence SPYDR 1300 pcs
  • Advanced LED grow light system, perfect for propagation, veg and bloom
  • Power 650 W
  • Light output 1550 Umol/m2/s
  • Light spectrum – Full
  • Coverage area – 120 X 120sm
  • Thermal management Passive

Grow In
The Future of Indoor growing


  • Amount 650 pcs
  • Dimensions 3600 * 1200 * 1200
  • Amount of plants on each rack – 24
  • Average crop from each rack – 1kg

Grow In
The uture of Indoor growing


The fertilizer solution comes to pots with coconut fiber or expanded clay with drops, wetting it gradually. The method is a progressive and precise alternative to manual watering.

Grow In
The Futer of Indoor growing


Our system makes it possible to monitor the change in the geometric and spectral characteristics of ANY individual plant in the array and to obtain comprehensive statistical indicators. This technology makes it possible to trace the influence of smallest changes in the environment to plants and detect potential problems (microclimate, nutrition, irrigation, pests) before they become noticeable. For implementation of the basic data collection and feedback function, the Total Controller system (our own R&D) is used. The main functions of the system are:

  • wireless data collection network creation
  • decentralized automation of the main processes;
  • management and monitoring via the Internet
  • emergency alerts in the case of emergency situations detection (flooding, non-operating equipment, etc.)

Our Products


  • Every month we have crops of best indoor flowers iin amount of 400 Kg
  • We grow 0.6-0.8% THC strains and wash them to 0.2% THC
  • AC/DC 22% CBD 0.2% THC
  • V1 22% CBD 0.2% THC